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The Best Security Camera Systems For Businesses

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We install high-definition security systems for small businesses and large corporations.


EndOfTheft is dedicated to ending employee theft by providing free business security systems and free security camera installations with our employee monitoring services. We have a team of trained specialists who monitor your business’ security cameras from a remote location and report directly to you via email with video clips of suspicious activity at your establishment. That means you can keep an eye on your employees and catch instances of employee theft without spending any extra time or effort, resulting in a more secure and productive workplace. Contact us today to book your free assessment!

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Why Choose End Of Theft?

  • Trained & experienced loss monitoring specialists
  • Free security system for your business
  • Free security camera installation
  • 24/7 employee monitoring services
  • Weekly reports emailed directly to you
  • Maximize workplace productivity
  • Protect your assets
  • And more!

Are You at Risk?

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About Our Business Security Cameras

We started EndOfTheft to address the growing need for heightened business security due to rising employee theft rates. As business owners ourselves, we understand how expensive and time-consuming it is to run a company, and that things like company security and employee monitoring can fall by the wayside when you have so many other things to do. That’s why we developed a way for business owners to oversee employee activity without detracting from their busy schedules.


At EndOfTheft, we provide and install high-definition surveillance equipment for businesses free of charge. As industry experts, we know exactly what kind of video surveillance system is best for your establishment, and we use the very best security camera systems for small businesses and large corporations. Whether your goal is to oversee cash register activity at a retail store, monitor restaurant employees, or ensure that your office safe is secure at all times, we’ve got the right business security system for you.



Part of what makes EndOfTheft different from other employee activity monitoring companies is that we provide your business’ security cameras for free, as well as a free professional installation. We’re here to save you the time, stress, and money by preventing employee theft at your business, rather than costing you tons of money before getting to the root of the problem. As your partner in ending employee theft, we’re on your side and make sure to provide you with the best security camera system for your business from the get-go. Then, we can get to work.


Benefits Of Business Security Systems

Once we have your business’ security cameras in place, our team will monitor your hidden cameras for you and send you regular email updates with video clips of questionable employee activity. There are many benefits of having a business security system like this in place, including a major decrease in employee theft, if not total elimination. The reality is that employees steal from their place of work because they are tempted by the opportunity, and if that opportunity is taken away via surveillance video, they are less likely to run the risk of getting caught.

With a security camera system in place at your business, not only will employees be less tempted to steal, but they will also be more productive because they know they are on camera. When you have high-definition security cameras installed in your establishment, you’ll find that employees are more focused and that the workplace becomes less distracting, which is a win for everyone.

Another major benefit of having a business security system in place is that you don’t have to waste time and energy constantly supervising your employees. This is especially true for business owners who use our activity monitoring services, as they don’t even have to think about employees stealing or behaving inappropriately because we’ll have everything on camera and email you any concerning video clips. That way, you won’t spend time worrying or speculating about certain employees.

It is also worth mentioning that business security cameras don’t just catch employee theft — they also record instances of harassment in the workplace. In the event that a conflict arises between two or more employees, we’ll have video evidence of what went on. Not only will surveillance video help resolve the conflict, but it will also make employees hesitant to engage in inappropriate behavior at work.




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