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Free Security Camera Installations To Prevent Employee Theft

We provide free security camera systems and free security camera installations.

At EndOfTheft, we’re tackling the issue of employee theft by providing the best security camera systems for businesses free of charge when you sign up for our activity monitoring services. Our team is trained and experienced in surveillance camera monitoring, and we know that very few business owners have the time or funds to order, install, and monitor their own video surveillance system. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on growing your business. Schedule a free assessment today to learn more about our security camera monitoring services for businesses!


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  • Trained & experienced loss monitoring specialists
  • Free security system for your business
  • Free security camera installation
  • 24/7 employee monitoring services
  • Weekly reports emailed directly to you
  • Maximize workplace productivity
  • Protect your assets
  • And more!

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About Our Security Camera Installations

Installing a business security system takes a lot of planning and strategizing, especially if you’re looking to install hidden cameras at your establishment. Though there are lots of different business security camera designs available today, it can be difficult to camouflage even the smallest security cameras in your space if you don’t know how they work or what you’re trying to capture. At EndOfTheft, our loss monitoring specialists are here to provide a strategic installation of your business’ security camera system for free, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your high-risk spaces are being monitored at all times.

We also realize that the need for surveillance cameras varies from business to business, and that you need a customized plan of action to capture suspicious activity in your restaurant, retail shop, office, facility, or event space. For example, if you own a restaurant or clothing store, you’ll likely need to have hidden surveillance cameras placed behind the cash registers, near beer coolers and liquor cabinets, outside dressing rooms, and around all of the entrances. On the other hand, office cameras might need to be placed near computer monitors, safes, filing cabinets containing sensitive information, and other areas of high security.

If you’re actively running a business, you probably know which areas need additional security, which is why we provide a free assessment of your establishment before we install your business’ security system. Together, we’ll determine which areas are more likely to prompt employee theft, such as cash registers and safes, then we’ll professionally install surveillance cameras to monitor the activity in that space. Once everything is set up, EndOfTheft will provide ongoing activity monitoring services for your business, regularly reporting to you via email with suspicious video clips.

Benefits Of Professional Security System Installations

There are many benefits of having a security camera system for your business, the most obvious of which being a lower rate of employee theft. Once your employees know that you have had surveillance equipment installed on the premises, they will be far less likely to steal company property, “skim” money, or tamper with products and/or checks. Even “invisible” instances of employee theft, such as billing and payroll schemes, are less likely to occur at your company if employees know they are being watched.

Partnering with EndOfTheft comes with a unique set of benefits in terms of cost savings and reliable activity monitoring services. We know that the cost of security cameras and professional installations can keep business owners from protecting their assets, which is why we provide these things for free. Our mission is to end employee theft, and we don’t believe in nickle-and-diming you for the set-up process. Only after your business’ security system is set up will we charge you a fee for our ongoing activity monitoring services, which is a convenient way to keep an eye on workplace activity without costing you extra time.

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EndOfTheft is preventing employee theft at businesses by providing free security systems and free security camera installations. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment with our loss monitoring specialists, or fill out the form below to learn how we can install a FREE camera system for your business.

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