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Hotels, motels, and resorts all have some type of security, whether that be security guards, alarm systems, or hidden surveillance cameras with audio recording capabilities. Perhaps you’ve employed all three of these security measures at your hotel, or maybe you only have a few hidden cameras in the main areas of the establishment. Whatever the case may be, there are always ways to improve your hotel’s security. And the best part is, you don’t have to monitor your hotel’s security camera system anymore!

How EndOfTheft Can Help

At EndOfTheft, we know the level of security that hotels require — after all, you need to provide a safe, secure space for guests to come and stay, free of worry and temptation. The last thing you want is for guests to have a bad experience at your hotel, such as having their room broken into and their belongings stolen. On the other hand, you also want to make sure that your property is protected against theft and property damage so you can reduce losses and maximize profits in your daily operations. So, what do you do? The solution is actually quite simple: invest in the best surveillance system for your hotel.

Whether you are looking to purchase a brand new security monitoring system or you just need a few additional high-definition security cameras for your hotel, we’re the team for you. Our loss prevention specialists have years of experience installing and monitoring the best security cameras for businesses in a variety of different industries, including hotels, inns, and luxury resorts. When you choose EndOfTheft for your business’ security camera system, we’ll aid your existing security team by watching over your high-definition security cameras in real time over the internet, making sure that your security is covered even when your guards are busy.

So why choose EndOfTheft? We offer the best security cameras for businesses free of charge, with free surveillance camera installations at your location. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your hotel remains safe and secure, so we make it a point to provide you with the best surveillance system and a professional installation before we begin monitoring your business’ security camera system and reporting back to you. Here’s what you can expect from our simple, three-step process to protect your hotel’s assets:

  1. Free Security Monitoring System. We’ll begin by assessing your specific needs, whether that be deterring customer and employee theft, reducing instances of employees using their phones on the job, enforcing uniform compliance, regulating workplace safety, or any other situations that can be improved with a security monitoring system. Once we’ve determined the problem spots and ideal security camera placement, we’ll provide you with free high-definition security cameras, as well as a free surveillance camera installation service at your hotel.
  2. Guest & Employee Monitoring. Once your business’ security camera system is in place, we’ll free up your time by monitoring them for you 24/7 with a real live person from a remote location. Our activity monitoring specialists are highly trained and know exactly what to look for in security surveillance camera footage, such as suspicious behavior, blatant stealing, and property being damaged.
  3. Report Directly To You. When we come across something suspicious, we’ll report directly to you via email with specific video clips. Whether we’ve caught employees stealing or guests ruining hotel property, you’ll be the first to know. Long gone are the days of sifting through hours of security camera footage, only to give up and have recurring losses at your hotel.

Let us be your eye in the sky, with spot-on guest and employee surveillance for your hotel. We can help you reduce losses and maximize losses in more ways than one, from ending employee theft to deterring guests from stealing or damaging hotel property. Give us a call today to get started with a professional surveillance camera installation free of charge, or learn more about assessing your risk in the section below.

Assessing Your Risk: Does Your Hotel Have Enough Security?

In order to determine the best surveillance system for your hotel, you’ll need to assess your risk based on a number of factors. Begin by analyzing your inventory, including pillows, towels, sheets, and other amenities in the room, as well as community accommodations, such as coffee stations and fitness centers. If any specific trends come to your attention, such as broken gym equipment, missing TV remotes, or stolen items, take note of this as a starting point for your new security monitoring system.

Guest theft is one thing, and employees stealing is another. It isn’t smart to turn a blind eye to employee theft, even in a hotel setting where employees aren’t necessarily dealing directly with merchandise. However, employee theft does happen in hotels, especially in those with gift shops, restaurants, and bars. Servers and bartenders stealing certainly isn’t unheard of, and all too often, restaurant employees get away with comping meals, stealing liquor, and stealing french fries and other sides off of plates in the kitchen. Not only that, but gift shop employees may be tempted to steal merchandise since they know the ins and outs of your hotel’s security system. If you suspect that your employees may be stealing from your hotel restaurant, bar, or gift shop, keep a close eye on your inventory and form a plan of action accordingly.

Once you have the numbers (i.e. a record of your losses), you can determine where your security is lacking and begin to narrow down your needs. If most of your losses occur in your hotel gym, you might want to consider installing high-definition security cameras in the room to catch guests (or employees) in the act of damaging or stealing your gym equipment. If you are noticing missing inventory in your hotel’s restaurant or bar, it’s time to face the fact that some of your employees may have been stealing food, liquor, and other items, which would be reason enough to install security cameras near the kitchen, storage closets, and the beer cooler. So, what about the gift shop? Take a look at your inventory and see what items aren’t accounted for, such as snacks, souvenirs, and money from the cash register. If things are missing, it’s time to install security cameras and outsource your employee monitoring needs to our experts at EndOfTheft.

What We Look For

A lot goes on at your hotel — guests are constantly checking in and out, the restaurant and bar are full, the gift shop is flooded with tourists, the gym is packed with people fitting in workouts, the pool is full of kids, and the list goes on. With so much activity happening at all hours of the day (especially during spring break and large events nearby), a lot can slip through the cracks of your outdated security system. Perhaps you only have a few hotel security guards, who are either out making their rounds, taking breaks, or getting distracted by guests, and maybe you don’t have a large enough security surveillance system to cover the entire property. That’s where we come in — EndOfTheft is here to fill in the gaps and ensure that your hotel is safe and secure at all times.

Our loss prevention specialists are stationed at a remote location, providing attentive camera monitoring services around the clock. Most of the time, our efforts are focused on capturing suspicious behavior and blatant stealing, but we also look for the following scenarios:

  • Employees and/or guests exhibiting inappropriate behavior
  • Parked cars being damaged and/or broken into
  • Property being damaged and/or dirtied
  • Employees being unproductive and/or unsafe
  • Workplace hazards that can lead to potential slip and fall lawsuits
  • And more!

Part of what sets EndOfTheft apart from other employee monitoring services is that we take a comprehensive approach to your hotel’s security. Rather than just focusing on obvious instances of guests and employees stealing, we keep an eye out for inappropriate workplace behavior, dirty or hazardous environments, and negligent employees, among other factors of hotel safety and security. If you are looking for theft prevention experts that also report back to you with video clips of unacceptable behavior from guests and employees, we’ve got you covered.

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Don’t let your guard down and become the victim of theft, property damage, employee negligence, and workplace hazards. We’ve helped many hotels, inns, and resorts catch and prevent these issues by providing the best surveillance systems for them free of charge. If you suspect that your hotel’s current security measures are lacking, we can provide a custom security solution for your establishment. Just give us a call, and one of our activity monitoring specialists will help determine your risk and form a plan of action to prevent future losses.

EndOfTheft is proud to offer businesses of all kinds high-definition security cameras and surveillance camera installations for free when they sign up for our activity monitoring services. We’re willing to travel all over the country to meet with business owners and discuss their security needs. Contact us today to get a quote, and let us help you make the most of your business with professional security camera monitoring services around the clock.

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