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As a business owner, you know how difficult it is to make a profit in today’s highly competitive world. You’ve scraped and sacrificed to build a viable organization that runs in the black, and not the red. You’ve grown a loyal base of customers and have given back to the community you serve by hiring employees. You’re on your way.

So why do you risk so much of it by turning a blind eye to employee theft?

Whether you run a small e-commerce business or a multi-level financial firm, you face the same threat to your bottom line. Theft and embezzlement by employees is the number one contributor to annual shrinkage. The statistics regarding employee theft are often astonishing to those who truly want to believe that their team members are different. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to be so naively trusting.

In the United States alone, the numbers are staggering:

  • In 2017, the retail industry saw a profit reduction of $60 billion; up five percent in just one year.
  • The crime of embezzlement cost firms an average of $1.13 million last year.
  • American businesses suffer approximately a loss of approximately seven percent to their annual revenue, due to employee theft.
  • From the stealing of tangible merchandise and office supplies, embezzlement, pilfering of proprietary information, and lying about paid work hours, the sum of all workplace theft has been reported to exceed $50 billion a year.

Your business is no different. Take back your bottom line by partnering with experts in employee surveillance monitoring and analysis. At EndofTheft, we offer the peace of mind that only comes from knowing, without guessing, that your business is thriving. Don’t waste another day or another dollar; contact us now.

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