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The Impacts of Employee Theft

Annual cost to the American economy: $50 billion

Average revenue loss to individual businesses: 7%

Percentage of people who admit having stolen from a place of work: 75%

If you believe for a moment that employee theft does not affect you, you’re unknowingly adding to the vulnerability of your business. Unfortunately, for many industries, customer and employee theft is inherent to daily business operations. Whether it’s the seemingly “innocent” practice of giving free meals to friends or family, the deliberate pilfering of inventory, or the extended embezzlement of funds, our employee monitoring services are geared to provide comprehensive protection against all types of asset loss.

By customizing our employee surveillance services to meet your needs, we make it easy and hassle-free for you and your team to enjoy expert-level anti-theft processes. Whether you need a single, strategically-placed office camera or an entire business security camera system, EndOfTheft offers professional, high-tech employee monitoring services for a variety of industries, starting as low as $4.99 an hour. Depending on your operational standards, hours of operation, and areas of concern, you can opt to have us monitor on a part time basis, full time basis or around the clock. We structure our loss monitoring services to suit the unique needs of your business.

Free up your management staff to actually manage your employees rather than having them play watchguard by trusting your workplace surveillance needs to us. At EndOfTheft, we believe you deserve to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your employees share the same principles of integrity and honesty as you. Find out everything you need to know and protect your bottom line by getting started now with the best security cameras for businesses free of charge. To schedule a no-risk, no-obligation, comprehensive surveillance needs assessment, contact the EndOfTheft team today.

Staggering Numbers

% of employees and managers that have admitted to stealing

Admitted to stealing
Stole at least twice
Of Managers have stolen

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